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Meet the teams



Matamata Christian School Staff

Principal: Alistair Paterson

Deputy Principal: 

Y7 - Y8: Mrs Joanne Evans and Mrs Holly Fawcett
Y5 - Y6: Mrs Kayla Uerata and Mrs Emma Tomlinson
Y4:         Mrs Anna Bloomfield

Y2 - 3:   Mrs Elisa Atkins
NE - Y2: Miss Susan Thomasen

Teacher Aides:
 Mrs Belinda Steed-Conway
Mrs Zuzana Stevens

School Secretary: Mrs Sarah Thurlow

Uniforms: Mrs Sarah Smith

Chaplain: Mr Graham Bull

MCS School Board

Karlyn Mataitoga (PR)
Cameron Nicholls (PR)
PJ Olivier (PR)
William Burgess (PR)

Spence Reichardt (PCER)- and Presiding Member
Kobus Englebrecht (PCER)

Alistair Paterson (Principal)
Joanne Evans (Staff Rep)

(PR) Parent Representative
(PCER) Peria Christian Education Inc Representative

Peria Christian Education Inc Trustees

Kobus Englebrecht (Chairman)
Spence Reichardt
Warren Storey
Sarah Smith
Stephen Ram

Kid on the Rock Foundation Trustees

Spence Reichardt (Chairman)
Kobus Engelbrecht
Stephen Ram

Do you have a heart for Christian Education? Do you want to see children drawn towards God? Do you want to support a place where Christian prayer, faith and values can be openly taught and practiced? ‚Äč

Then would you consider serving the Lord on one of our Governing Boards? Get more information

Governance is about a group of people working as a team, who are responsible for the strategic thinking and overall administration of an organisation, in order to achieve the purpose that the organisation was set up for.

It is about a team of people who are -
Focusing on the Purpose of the organisaiton
Thinking in the big picture
Improving performance
Managing risk

We are looking for people of faith with a love for the Lord, a vision for Christian education and a willingness to serve on any one of the three Boards associated with our educational group. Is God prompting you? For more information and to make an inquiry click here.


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