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Minute Secretary

The Matamata Christian School Board is looking for someone who would be willing to take meeting minutes for us. If this is you we would love to hear from you. The role description is below.

The role of School Board Minute secretary is voluntary. Some expenses may be reimbursed subject to prior approval by the SB.

The Minute Secretary shall

  • be responsible to the Presiding Member

  • collate incoming correspondence for the next meeting, if any

  • attend and accurately record the minutes of each SB meeting using the SB minutes template

  • within 3 days of each SB meeting ensure that the completed minutes are uploaded into the relevant meeting folder and each member of the School Board is advised

  • Maintain confidentiality regarding all matters and discussion during the SB meetings.

For further inquiries please contact the Principal Alistair Paterson on 07 888 5444 or the Presiding Member Spence Reichardt on 027 283 9534

Office Assistant - part time

In order to support the ongoing operation, growth and development of Matamata Christian School, a new permanent part time position of Office Assistant has been created.

The successful applicant will report to the Office Manager. While averaging only one day of approximately 6.5 hours per week, the role will be central to delivering the schools vision for continual growth of the school, and Christian Education in general.

The successful applicant will closely identify with our Special Christian Character, be enthusiastic about Christian education and have experience with general administrative tasks as well as financial management functions including creditors, debtors, reconciliations and monthly and annual reporting.

Start date is as soon as possible and applications will remain open until the role is filled.

In the first instance, inquiries should be made to the school office on 07 888 5444.


There are three steps in the application process.

  1. Download and complete the Application & Qualification form attached to the job, and email to alistairpaterson@matamata.school.nz

  2. Scroll down and complete Form No 1, Employee Special Character Confirmation, and send. Submitted forms are directed to the Principal. and successful applicants are notified.

  3. Request your Christian Character referee visit this page, complete Form No 2 and send it. (Your application cannot progress until the referees form is received)

For future teachers

For future parents

Form No 1

Employee Special Character Confirmation

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Form No 2

Christian Character referee

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Matamata Christian School thanks you for giving your time to provide a reference for an application for a job at our school.


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