07 888 5444 - or Mobile 027 361 7004 School hours only

School Stationery Lists

Stationary can be ordered online from Qizzle and Office Max. Be sure to order by room number.

Stationery lists are also available at the counter from The Warehouse Stationary and Paper Plus.  Alternatively you can download the stationery list below.


School Hours:

8.50 am ~ School commences
9.50 - 10.00 ~ Food Break (in class)
10.50 - 11.10 ~ Morning Tea
12.50 - 1.30 ~ Lunch
3.00 p.m ~ School finishes

Pupils not travelling to school by bus are requested not to arrive at school before 8.20am

Contact and interviews
We have a Secretary who is employed at the school Monday to Friday from 8.30am - 3.30pm. Unless absolutely urgent, please contact the school within these hours so as not to disrupt teachers unnecessarily. 

Should you wish to discuss any matter that will take some time with a staff member please make an appointment to do so through the Secretary or the teacher concerned.

Interviews with teachers can be arranged through the Secretary. Parents are very welcome to contact teachers before or after school for a very short impromptu chat about their child, but need to be flexible as teachers will not always be available without time being prearranged.


If a child is going to be absent from school on any school day, parents must inform the School, by phoning the office before 9.00 a.m. As school is compulsory, all absences are recorded. A note must be handed into the office on the child's return back to school.

Friday afternoon, 2.00PM - 2.50PM.
This is a whole school assembly that focuses upon recognising students achievement with certificates given out weekly to a few members of each class. We sometimes have input from students, a group or a guest speaker.
Parents are welcome to attend the school assemblies.

All students are required to wear our school uniform which are available from the school.
The uniform shop is open on Monday afternoons from 3.00 p.m.

School Fees

School Activity Fees

Fees for school activities; class trips, art and stationery, sports and uniforms etc are paid to the Matamata Christian School Board. These can be paid by internet banking to the ASB account number 12 3438 0004608 00 or by eftpos at the school office.

Attendance Dues - (Charged by the Proprietor Board)

Attendance Dues are charged quarterly and are payable to Peria Christian Education Inc. 

These payments help provide the wonderful classrooms, library, playgrounds, fields, offices and other school facilities that our school community enjoys, supporting the BOT in delivering the high quality, Biblically based education that you would expect for your child. These can be paid by internet banking to BNZ account number 02 0360 0021075 02 or by eftpos or cash at the school office.

The amounts payable for 2023 are as follows:

First Child $720.00 per year - $180.00 per term - $14.00 per week (52 weeks)
Additional children $480.00 per year - $120.00 per term - $9.50 per week (52 weeks)

Family total per week (52 weeks)
1 child $14.00
2 children $23.50 
3 children $33.00 
4 children $42.50

5% discount is offered if annual Attendance Dues are paid in full in advance during January/February each year. Please inquire at the school office.

Please note that school activity fees are additional as noted above.

Enrolment policy and priority

Matamata Christian School has a maximum roll entitlement of 120 students, 9 of whom may be non preference. As a State Integrated school it is required to have a fair and transparent student enrolment policy which includes priority of enrolment for student applicants. View enrolment policy and priorities here.

Founders Fund

In the spirit of the founders of Matamata Christian School and Tower Road Christian Preschool, The Kid on the Rock Foundation has established the Founders Fund. It's purpose is to further the vision of the founders through supporting the funding of the needs of the School. 

The fund will mainly be used to assist families to send their children to the school, provide resources, train staff and continue development of the property. 

Donations are voluntary and tax deductable, and can be made to Kiwibank account number 38-9022-0105816-00. For a tax receipt please include your mobile or phone number and your name as a reference. For more information click here.

Complaints Procedure

Matamata Christian School values feedback and believes this is an important way for it to improve its performance. It believes complaints are a part of this and wishes to be able to resolve these in order to avoid anything standing in the way of it achieving its goals. Therefore anyone who may have a complaint about any part of the school life is encouraged to bring those complaints forward in a biblical manner.
These can be viewed by clicking on the link below.


In partnership with parents, within an educational environment, encourage lifelong discipleship of Jesus Christ by providing opportunities to:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of all things based on the truth of His word. (Prov 1:7)
  • Gain faith that transforms into the likeness of God (Rom 12:2)
  • Gain hope in an eternal relationship with God through Jesus Christ that is firmly rooted in a deep reverence of Him (Eph 3: 17-20)
  • Gain confidence to achieve all things through Christ who strengthens (Phil 4:13)


  • A caring, praying community united in Jesus Christ
  • Enthusiastic and actively involved families
  • A heart obedient to the Lord
  • A spirit of perseverance, resilience and self discipline
  • Respect for self, others and those in authority
  • Quality, Christ centered, Bible based education
  • A well maintained physical environment and resources.

    Our Vision:
    Equip for life, prepare for eternity

    Our Mission:
    Matamata Christian School, together with the parents, work to provide a Christ-centred education based on Biblical foundations. We strive for personal excellence in the academic, spiritual, physical and emotional realms.


    Goal 1: To Provide a Christ centred education that is based on the seven national curriculum statements while recognising the special character of the school

    • Devotions and prayer will be a daily part of school life.
    • The revised school curriculum will be used as a basis to teach the revised New Zealand Curriculum from a Biblical worldview.
    • All staff will actively support the above and provide an attractive active Christian role model.
    • Students will be encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Goal 2: To be a worthy choice for families of the Christian community

    • By operating a Biblically based curriculum.
    • By providing and promoting a stable caring environment where students are encouraged to honour God and to excel in all areas of their lives.
    • By helping students to be accountable for their actions and to develop a sense of responsibility.
    • By developing in students eight core foundational values; respect, service, compassion, truthfulness, self control, initiative, perseverance and diligence.
    • By actively promoting the positive aspects of Christian schooling in general and of Matamata Christian School in particular.

    Goal 3: To actively form and maintain a close home and school partnership

    • By working together for the educational benefit of the children.
    • By encouraging parents in the school / home partnership of training children in the ways of the Lord.
    • By recognising the important role that parents have in the education of their children.
    • By encouraging parental involvement and interest in the school.
    • By involving parental participation in their child's learning through their Learning Journal.
    • To ensure parents have access to school staff as required.
    • To promote regular consultation opportunities with the school community.
    • To promote regular consultation opportunities with the Maori community.

    Goal 4: To provide a quality education that maximises student achievement

    • To ensure curriculum delivery is focused on promoting high student achievement and outcomes.
    • To staff the school with highly motivated effective teachers.
    • To help students learn about God, themselves and the world around them.
    • To promote the development of student's character.
    • To develop literacy and numeracy skills.
    • To promote critical thinking strategies.
    • To develop the principles, values and key competencies of the school and revised New Zealand curriculum.
    • To promote academic excellence and maximise student achievement opportunities.
    • To develop a love of learning in students and staff.
    • To develop student ownership of their learning.
    • To develop students knowledge, understanding and skills to help equip them toward becoming productive members of society.

    Goal 5: To reflect in our practices the diverse cultures in our school

    • To recognise the Treaty of Waitangi and integrate basic Maori language and culture into the curriculum delivery.
    • To recognise the uniqueness of each individual student.
    • To be sensitive to the differing national backgrounds of students.
    • To be sensitive to the differing Christian backgrounds of students.
    • To promote tolerance and respectfulness regarding differences amongst students and families in those areas which do not compromise the goals and values of the school.
    Goal 6: To develop and maintain the property and environment in order to maximise opportunities for student learning and development
    • To provide an attractive and functional environment.
    • To present the school in a manner that shows God's creation effectively managed and displayed.
    • To develop, provide and maintain attractive and functional playground activities.
    • To maintain a safe and pleasant learning environment for all staff and students.
    • To encourage and display quality work.

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