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Pre Enrolment Process

The pre enrolment process is for families who are new to the school and do not have other children already enrolled. The enrolment process begins by submitting a completed pre enrolment application,

Submitted forms are directed to the School office. Applicants will be contacted to arrange a suitable time for an interview with the Principal and tour of the school. Your pre application documents and placement availability will be checked and you will be contacted if any further information is required. All pre applicants will be advised regarding next steps.

Important decisions will need to be made during the pre enrolment process. Please read the steps below and check out the information on the links provided.

For help and guidance please phone the school office on 07 888 5444

There are 6 steps for the pre enrolment process

  1. Decide if your child should be enrolled as preference or non preference. Please see student enrolment Information here.

  2. Read about Peria Christian Education Inc here. On this page you can read about your eligibility for membership of Peria Christian Education Inc, the statement of faith, definition of Special Character and our sacredly held beliefs.

  3. If eligible, decide about membership of Peria Christian Education inc. (Provides priority of enrolment). 

  4. All school families automatically go on the list of Friends of the school. Find out more about being a Friend of the School here

  5. Choose either form No 1 for preference children or form No 2 for non preference children below, fill in the form and submit it.

  6. For preference applications to progress, your pastor/referee will need to complete and submit the Christian Character Referee form below.

Form No 1

Preference applications and PCE membership applications use this form.

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Form No 2

Non preference applications and to automatically become a Friend of the school use this form.

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Christian Character referees

Church Pastors and other Christian Character referees use this form.

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