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Developing well educated, highly motivated disciples of Jesus Christ

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Choice of education for their children is one of the most important decisions a parent will make, and it is vital that they make an informed decision about where they will enrol their child.

There are many questions that Christian parents need to consider, but probably the most important question to ask is "should God be excluded from my children's education"?

These video resources and links, and the written material below, provide thoughts and opinions of real parents who have or had children at Christian schools, and facts and myths about Christian education.

We gratefully acknowledge the permission of the NZ Association of Christian Schools and Covenant Christian School, Sydney for use of the videos and permission to link to information on their respective web sites.

Facts about Christian education

The big picture

Children spend more than 10,000 hours in school before they are fifteen years old - to teach, train, develop and change children for the better. But for most New Zealand children, those hours will train them to view life from a secular perspective, without reference to God. Christian education however, trains children to view life from a Christian perspective, with God involved in all their decision making.

Education Is not neutral

Schools and education are not neutral. Children learn what is valued through the subject matter that the curriculum covers and through the expressed views of their teachers. Education that fails to teach students that we live in God's world and that we have privileges and responsibilities related to this can counteract the faith of Christian parents, sow seeds of doubt in children's minds and erode the faith foundation that Christian families are endeavouring to build.

How education affects our children

In a secular school a child is generally taught to live and think without reference to God or His requirements. This way of thinking philosophy is far more obvious than a generation ago when New Zealand was still considered to be a Christian country. Schooling has changed over the years and it is important to realise that the secular education arena and the associated pressures upon a students faith are vastly different than before. Accumulating years of education that challenges God's existence will impact your child.

However a Christian school will educate and train your child to view life in reference to God. This is God's world and He wants us to honour Him and to make the most of our God given gifts and abilities for the benefit of everyone.

The importance of faith development in education

A child's faith development is a very important part of an education package that prepares children for life and eternity. Jesus himself placed great emphasis on this area when He asked the provocative question, "What good would it be for a person to gain the whole world, everything the world has to offer, and yet lose his soul". Matthew 16:26

Myths about Christian education

A Christian School is an Unreal Environment

A Christian School operates in the real world with real people and real challenges. It's staff are not perfect, but sinners saved by grace involved in training children at different levels of understanding and connection with God, to live a Godly life in an exciting but challenging world full of temptation.

My children should mix in a secular school so their light can influence other children to become Christians

Is it realistic to expect a small fish with little strength to swim against a strong current? The light needs to get in before it can shine out. Christian Schools are developed as nurturing educational training centres designed to provide a well rounded education that gets the light in and builds a strong Christian foundation in students lives.

The reality is that the majority of Christian children attending secular schools do not influence other children in this direction, but are usually themselves influenced by the behaviour, language, habits, beliefs and values of the majority. Parents are often very distressed at the results.

So in summary - Children at a Christian School can have the best of both worlds

Children attending a Christian school can have the best of both worlds, all within a Christian environment that is an extension of their home environment. They have the advantages of an excellent Christ centered, Bible based education, and opportunities to influence other children.

Alongside this, if parents wish and under circumstances controlled by them, there is further opportunity to influence other children outside of school, for instance at sport clubs or other events or activities.


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