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2016 Term 1 - George Muller (1805 - 1898)

George Muller was born in Germany in 1805 to wealthy parents. His father was a tax collector. It seems George was a troubled child; a constant liar, gambler and a thief. By the age of ten he was stealing government money from his father!

His life changed when he attended university. His friend, Beta, took him to a Bible study group where he learned about God and became a Christian.

At age 29 he started to achieve some big things. In 1834 he founded the Scriptural Knowledge Institute which had the goal of aiding Christian schools and missionaries. It helped people as famous as Hudson Taylor over the years printing and distributing Bibles and support texts.

In 1836 he started creating orphanages, something he would later become well known for. Over the years he built five orphanages housing 10 000 orphans, and established 117 schools providing Christian education to 120 000 children.

George Muller never asked people directly for help, only God. He was very committed to prayer and relied on God to provide for everything. Probably the most well known story was on an occasion where an orphanage had no food left and a substantial number of mouths to feed. The children all congregated for breakfast and they prayed giving thanks even though no food was on the table. As they finished praying, a local baker knocked on the front door with enough bread to feed everyone and the local milkman, whose cart had just broken down outside the orphanage, gave them a huge amount of fresh milk which he needed to offload! What tremendous faith in God this man had!

In his final years, from 1875 at age 70 and for the next 17 years, George Muller and his wife travelled around the world, including to New Zealand, by boat preaching wherever they went. Such loyal devotees of God!

George Muller serves as an amazing role model to our students today. This man's faith, dedication to God and tireless work ethic stands out as a man whose days were driven for purpose and worth.

Our Biblical Symbolism:
Team: Muller
Colour: Red
Symbol: Bull
Linked with : The Tribe of Ephraim
Gospel of Mark

George Muller (1805 - 1895)

George Muller (1805 - 1895)
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