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2016 Term 1 - The Significance of House Teams

We have had an excellent start to the 2016 school year. All our classes are up to speed and by now you will be aware of the planned activities in different classes your children are in. Thank you to all those who came to O' Night a few weeks ago. This explained how things work in your child's class and what to expect this year. Make sure you remember the invitation to come in and see your child's teacher at any time through the year. Please don't wait for any school interviews as school is a partnership between home and school, and to enhance learning and avoid problems we want to keep communication between us high. We can make a lot more progress if that communication is good, even if it is by email.


It was a delight last week for us to select our new team leaders (see the front page). The house teams they represent are an important part of the Kid on the Rock concept we have. Our house teams are about our students having a place and a heritage inside the school. In these houses they will have team challenges, rivalries, and develop a sense of belonging. Each of the house teams have been named after four prominent Christian figures in history - George Mueller, Charles Wesley, William Tyndale and Amy Carmichael. Our students are taught about each of these four people, what they did, the impact they had, their faith in God and the example they provide to each of us. These figures serve as a role model to our students.

Our house teams also have colours and symbols. Mueller is red and has a bull or ox as its symbol, Wesley is gold and has a lion, Tyndale is green and has a man, and Carmichael is blue with an eagle.

These are not randomly selected symbols. They date back to the Old Testament when the 12 tribes of Israel were represented by the four symbols as they camped in the desert - the ox, lion, man and eagle. They also represent the four Gospels and are discussed in some detail in the books of Ezekiel and Revelation.

Symbolism is often important in the Bible. We like to use this too as a tool to help deepen students understanding of Biblical ideas and themes. Our house teams are not just randomly created divisions. They are part of the learning experience, heritage and culture we develop here at Matamata Christian School. It's nice to know everything means something isn't it?


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