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Ag and Pet Day 2020

On the first day of term 4 we have our annual Ag, Pet and Flower Day. We have made some changes to the program this year.

Ag animals

We have lamb and kid (goat) entries and those involved will be based on the school field. Participants are allowed to be in mufti. Judging will be at 10AM while the gates will be open for access from 8AM.


Students have been invited to bring their pets to share with the school. Registered are some dogs, a turtle, and rabbits. This year students with dogs will have the opportunity to show us how cool their dog is. There is special judging for the dogs across four areas:

  • The completion of their pet dairy which shows us how much the students know about their family pet. Diaries are available from the school office.
  • A confidence course that students can lead their dogs through.*
  • A chance for students to show what obedience skills their dog has.*
  • Grooming and presentation.

* Elderly dogs that may have mobility problems can be excluded from these two categories.

Pets can come to the school at the beginning of the day and will have assigned areas to be kept in. Please make sure that your pet has water and its needs are met. To reduce stress, pets need to go home over lunchtime or after prize giving please.

Best Scarecrow - (In place of flower day)

Over the morning all students not involved in the Ag Day or Pet Day will be assembled in their House teams and will have a problem to solve.

One of our local farmers has planted his crops beside a nearby river, but is having problems with ducks and birds eating a high proportion of his crops. He thinks he needs a scarecrow that will help to keep them away.

Before the holidays our students brainstormed and come up with ideas that might help to do this, and have been collecting recyclable odds and ends they can include in the making of a number of scarecrows (or other cool ideas) that can be trialed and used on the farm. Materials need to be long lasting and otherwise not needed as they are being recycled.

All parents and whanau are welcome to come and watch the action across the three activities, and are welcome to help teams with the screcrow making. Up to 20 scarecrows are needed so help would be great!

There will be a sausage sizzle happening at $2.00 per item.

We look forward to a great day for all.


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