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Annual Report for the year ended December 2019

You are invited to attend the AGM of Peria Christian Education Inc, to be held at Matamata Christian School at 2.50pm on Friday 25th September 2020 (Following school assembly) THE MEETING WILL BE BRIEF

If you are unable to attend the AGM please register your apologies and cast your vote on the three procedural resolutions here.

Welcome to the Peria Christian Education Incorporation 2020 AGM. With the disruption of Covid-19 we were unable to hold our normal Friends and Founders Day event in term 2 which usually included the prayer breakfast and the evening meal and movie for the children, so we are holding this brief AGM to update you all.

As Chairman of Peria Christian Education Incorporated and on behalf of your Proprietor Board, it is my pleasure to bring you this annual report for the year ended December 2019. We praise God for what has been achieved throughout the year.

Modern learning environments – The room 5 building upgrade and deck extension was largely completed in 2019, leaving the veranda roof extension yet to be planned and installed. The addition of the extension required additional Engineer designed rain water drainage to be installed, causing this part of the project to be re-scheduled for completion in 2020.

We want to acknowledge the many volunteers who gave of their time, talents and treasure to our Room 5 project. Initial quotes for the job were around the $250,000.00 mark. With the help of the Mobile Mission Maintenance team and many local volunteers we have been able to achieve the same results at a cost of around $100,00.00, and you can see the amazing facility that we now have. 

Tower Road Christian Preschool – With a national shortage of preschool teachers, attracting preschool qualified teaching staff continued to be a problem in 2019 with the Preschool Board looking overseas for staff. The Centre Manager resigned in April and a part time temporary manager was appointed while the Board advertised for a replacement. The Board was fortunate to find a suitable local applicant in Karlien Loubser, who started in the role in September.

Finances – Copies of the audited PCE financial performance reports are available for download below. 2019 was another relatively successful year with the total accumulated funds increasing from $772,647.00 last year to $794,710.00 this year.

Kid on the Rock Foundation – The Kid on the Rock Foundation is a registered charitable Trust that was set up in 2009 to support and grow Christian education in and around Matamata through fund raising and promotion.

In 2019, through sponsorships totalling $5,704.00, 13 children were assisted to attend either Matamata Christian School or Tower Road Christian Preschool. I want to emphasise the two things that have happened here. Firstly 13 children have been enabled to sit under Godly teaching in a Godly place and I don’t need to tell anyone here how important that is, and secondly that $5,704.00 is now available to be invested into further growth and development of the school and preschool.

Additionally, the Foundation was able to support the Peria Christian Education Inc Building fund with $1,500.00, Matamata Christian School with $1,000.00, the Tower Road Christian School building fund with $10,000.00 and the preschool general fund with $1,500.00. Some of these donation were specifically tagged for these purposes.

Looking forward, the planned extension of the school car park area to provide more car parking spaces is planned to begin over the 2020 Christmas holiday period. Voluntary help will keep that cost down, but the ground preparation and sealing is expected to cost around $50,000.00.

Stage 2 planning for the room 3 and 4 extensions will begin in earnest during 2021. While costs are unknown at this early stage, planning costs will probably exceed $65,000.00 and even with help from Mobile Mission Maintenance the building cost is likely to at least double stage 1 at over $200,000.00.

Along side these developments, we would love to see progress with the Preschool playground also. Early estimations put the cost of this at over $65,000.00.

In conclusion, we are looking forward to continuing with the development of our school and preschool learning environments, and as you can see we have a lot of work ahead.

Would you consider giving of your time, talents or treasure. To open the Foundation website and learn how you can help, just click or tap here.

We continue to be thankful to God for His continuing provisioning of the school and the preschool. I move the adoption of this report for the year ended December 2019

Kobus Engelbrecht.


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