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Term 3 2015 - The Story of Somebody

Last term we focussed our core teaching value on truthfulness and in the end of term assembly I told the story about 'Somebody'. This was a story I made up based upon four characters; Somebody, Anybody, Everybody and Nobody. I took these characters from a story I once read based upon Nobody bothering to get a job done. My story includes a fifth character, Busybody, and is based on Somebody having trouble telling the truth. If you missed the assembly here's the story below.

The Story of Somebody

Somebody was a boy who grew up in Hobbiton, a small place in the middle of the Earth. Somebody was not very well liked. He had three part-time friends; Everybody, Anybody, and Nobody. Everybody liked him sometimes, Anybody could have liked him all the time, but Nobody did all the time. You see Somebody had a problem with lying. He was mischievous and got up to no good regularly. Nobody felt sorry for him but Everybody seemed to always know that it was Somebody who was doing it. Anybody could have talked to him about it but instead Everybody started to stay away from him which made Somebody sad. What could he do about it?

When Nobody decided to help, Somebody went to his Uncle Busybody, a local hobbit who seemed to know Everybody's problem. Busybody turned out to be very wise and told him the following story:

*One evening an old man was talking to his grandson who was having trouble telling the truth. He said, "Within each of us is a battle for our souls. It is like there are two wolves inside each of us who are fighting furiously:

One is evil. It is angry, gets envious, jealous, is greedy, arrogant, full of pride, resentment, ego and lies.

The other represents good. It is joyous, peaceful, loves, is full of hope, humility, kindness, is generous, full of compassion, faith and truth."

The grandson asked after a minute, "Grandad, which wolf wins?"

The old man smiled and replied, "The one you feed."

This story suddenly made sense to Somebody but he frowned because he knew he couldn't help but lie to Everybody.

Busybody gave him some more advice, "I have an idea. Let's try not lying to Everybody anymore. Here's a wooden post which we'll put in the ground behind your bedroom. Every day when you get home from school if you have lied to Anybody or Everybody, take this axe and cut one mark for each lie you made in the post. Nobody will know.

Somebody thought this was worth a try. He knew how important being truthful was to Everybody and to God. It was important for having a clean heart and having good and trusting relationships with others. So he gave it a try.

At first there were 10 new marks in the log every day, but this looked bad to Somebody and he knew he had to do something about it. The post was now badly marked with his sin. But, after just a month he was no longer needing to add marks to his post. He started getting on well with Everybody and Anybody started trusting him with everything. Nobody kept avoiding him.

As he gazed out his bedroom window he kept looking at the evidence of his sin which had badly marked his beautiful post. Nobody was there, but Busybody couldn't help but look too. Somebody was sad.

Quietly Busybody picked up the axe and gave it to Somebody. He said, "You know, I think you've learned to be truthful now. There's only one thing left to do to end this part of your life, and that is, if you have agreed to change, go and cut down the post now so it no longer represents you.

Eagerly Somebody went out and smacked that post down as fast as he could and when Everybody came around, they got rid of it together. Nobody could hold it against him, but didn't.

Somebody was finally forgiven. This is exactly what Jesus does for us when we take our sins to Him and ask for forgiveness. He knows we struggle with sin and sometimes telling the truth. But God is truth and this is really important to Him. We have to work on this but the good news is that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to us as our helper (John 14:15 – 17). The more we want to be like God the more the Holy Spirit can work within us to rid us of the things that we do wrong. And when we have done wrong and take it to Jesus asking for forgiveness and help, He agrees that, just like removing the post, He moves away the record of our sin as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:9 – 12). Have hope and commit this to Christ.

God Bless

Alistair Paterson

*The wolf story has been adapted from an old Cherokee Indian legend.


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