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Christmas Devotions - Sixteen Jesus, the Son of God is Baptised

When John grew up, he travelled from place to place telling people that the Messiah was coming and that they shoud change their ways. He did this to prepare them for the Messiah.The he baptised them in the river to show that their hearts were clean. One day Jesus came to be baptised too.

Read Matthew 3:13-17

1. What did John say to Jesus when Jesus came to be baptised? (v.14)
2. What happened when Jesus came out of the water? (v.16)
3. What did the voice from heaven say? (v.17)

1. Jesus never sinned. So why did the Holy Spirit need to come down on him?
2. Why do you think it was important that God made this announcement?

The baptisim of Jesus was the beginning of Jesus' work on earth. The Holy Spirit came down to give him the power to do miracles and heal people, to teach, and to do all the orther things he came to do. God called Jesus his Son, encouraging him and announcing to everyone he was the Messiah.

3:13 The Jordan River runs north to south from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. The distance between the two seas is 65 miles, but the Joran, because it winds its way south, is actually 135 miles long. Before modern times, the Jordan was about 100 feet wide and three to ten feet deep, except when heavy rains in winter and spring caused it to flood.


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