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Christmas Devotion - Fifteen the visit of the Magi

Several months after Jesus was born, Magi (traditionally called wise men) came from the east to Jerusalem asking about a new king. First, they asked King Herod, who was a friend of the Roman rulers, where to find the one they were looking for. Then they traveled another five miles to the town where Jesus lived in order to find him.

Read Matthew 2:1-12

1. Whom did the Magi say they were looking for? (v.2)
2. What was the name of the king who was disturbed when he heard of another king being born? (v.3)
3. What did the Magi do when they found Mary with her child? (v.11)

1. Why was King Herod disturbed when he heard that the Messiah had been born? What did he think the Messiah would do?
2. Why do you think the Magi didn't go back to King Herod?

The Magi wetre the first ato acknowledge Jesus as a king. This affirmed what the angel had said to Mary: Jesus would receive the throne of David, and his kingdom would have no end (see Luke 1.32- 33)

2:2 Astronomers have explained that the star of Bethleham was a comet, a nova or an alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. But history does not record that anyone besides the Magi saw this star. Apparently the star was a celestial phenomena God created just for this occasion.


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