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Christmas Devotions Eleven - The Birth of John the Baptist

Read Luke 1:57-80

1. What name did the people want Elizabeth to give her son? Why? (v.59)
2. How was the baby's name finally chosen? (v.63)
3. What happened to Zechariah when he wrote down the baby's name? (v.64)

1. Names were very important during Bible times. They often told what the child meant to the parents or described who he or she would become. Why did your parents give you the name you have? Discuss the names of the people in your family and what they mean.
2. What do you suppose the people were actually saying when they were "talking about all these things" (v.65)? What would you have talked about if you had heard something like this?

This story shows how much God loves us. He made sure that everyting was ready for Jesus' birth by sending a messenger, John. God kept every promise he made and the "impossible" to make it all happen just as he had said.

1:60 In Bible times, the mother often named a child. In the Old Testament, Leah, Rachel and Hannah named their children. A few times, someone elsed named a child: Pharoah's daughter named Moses and the village named Ruth's child Obed. Occasionally the father named the child or changed the name after the mother had selected one. That's why Zechariah what name he wanted for his son. He confirmed that the name of his son was John.


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