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Christmas Devotions Five - The Branch from Jesse

Read Isaiah 11:1-10


1. What gifts would the Spirit give this "shoot" (v. 1)
When the Spirit rested on him? ( v. 2)
2. What would the "shoot"wear his belt? As his sash? (vv. 6-9)
3. What animals are mentioned in this reading? How will these animals someday behave? (vv. 6-9)


1. Why do you think Isaiah talked about the Messiah's coming by using words about growing things, like the "Branch" and the "shoot" (v. 1)? What sometimes happens when you cut off a plant that still has deep, living roots?
2. What did Isaiah mean when he said "The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat" ( v.6)? What would life be like if the world was that peaceful?


God gave his people hope. He taught them to look for the Messiah by telling them what he was going to do long before it happened. Just as Israel looked for the Messiah, we can hope and look forward to Jesus coming again to bring a time when there will be no more violence or cruelty.


11: 8 The con bra and the viper are poisonous snakes. The cobra, which can grow to eight and a half feet long, was the deadly Egyptian cobra, used in Egypt as a religious symbol. It is usually found on the north and east coasts of Africa, with a variation of the species located in the Arabian Desert. The picture of a child calmly playing near these feared reptiles was a sure sign that the Messiah would change everything


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