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Christmas Devotion Three - A Child is Born

Read Isaiah 9:1-7

Just the facts
  1. What event was coming? (v.6)
  2. What are some of the names this special child would have? (v.6)
  3. How long would this king reign? (v.7)
Let's talk
  1. What is it like when everything is dark? What about when someone turns on the light? How does this news bring people out of 'darkness' and into 'light'. (v.2)
  2. This child would have several names. What does each of them mean to you? Discuss each one.
Why this matters
Though God's people were facing a frightening enemy, God did not let them face the enemy without a message of hope for a glorious future - a time when they would live in peace, prosperity and joy.

Points of Interest
9:1 The land of the tribes of Zebulun and Naphtali became the land of Galilee. When Jesus began his public ministry in Galilee, he fulfilled Isaiah's prophecy recorded in verses 1- 2.


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