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Christmas Devotions Two - The Sign of Immanuel

Read Isaiah 7:10-8:10

Just the Facts
  1. What did God want Ahaz to do? (7:11)
  2. What was the sign God promised to send? (7:14)
  3. What was the boy going to eat? (7:15)
Lets talk
  1. This prophecy was meant for Ahaz's time, but it was also a foreshadowing of Jesus' coming. Why do you think the prophet gave two meanings to these verses?
  2. "Immanuel" (7:14) means "God with us". When do we use the name "Immanuel" today? Can you think of a song about Immanuel?
Why this matters
The sign God gave to Ahaz - a virgin giving birth to a son and naming him Immanuel - is a key promise about the coming of Jesus Christ. When Jesus came to earth, God really was with us.

Points of Interest
7:15 The land was devastated by the Assyrians, so there was no harvest, The people lived on anything they could find on the land. What they found was curds and honey; these two items refer to a simple diet of natural foods. Curds were a kind of yogurt.


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