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The school roll continues to grow

New enrolment plan implemented

With the roll numbers hitting over 95% capacity the Board has now implemented an enrolment plan as per their enrolment policy. This means we have activated our enrolment scheme for the last positions available for this year. At this stage, because of other already accepted enrolments, we have just two places that have opened up and become available for the rest of this year. Both of these are preference positions which means they can only go to Christian families. (Preference Positions Explained). From this point in time we will select from applications received twice per term until these two positions are filled.

To streamline enrolments, MCS has implemented a new online Pre Enrolment Process

The pre enrolment process is for families who are new to the school and do not have other children already attending. The enrolment process begins by submitting a completed pre enrolment application,

Submitted forms are directed to the School office. Applicants will be contacted to arrange a suitable time for an interview with the Principal and tour of the school. Your pre application documents and placement availability will be checked and you will be contacted if any further information is required. All pre applicants will be advised regarding next steps. Click/tap here to pre enroll.

The first round of applications for the two spaces available for 2024 are being accepted now and will close this term on Thursday the 11th of April at 5PM. If you know anyone who may want to start their children in the school this year please let them know of this and point them to our school website to fill in the pre-enrolment form. The criteria for selection can be found here. Please note that those who are already pre-enrolled do not need to apply now as they are already booked in.

You can also pre-enroll for 2025 or even later years now too. We are expecting to have very limited numbers available again in 2025 so we recommend people consider getting in quickly. Next term we will make an official call for 2025 enrolments.

We have even had some families start pre-enrolling for 2026 and 2027 too. If you have any siblings due to start in either of these years we would appreciate you doing this now please. This helps us reserve places for them but also helps us predict likely numbers for the future.

Our proprietor board are starting to put an application together to the Ministry of Education for an extension of our roll cap, and this information will be helpful for that. Hopefully we may have more positions available for 2025. We would appreciate your prayers for this.


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