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Schools out for Summer '23

.......and what a spectacular end of year it was packed into a final two weeks with many highlights. Before we give you a sneak peek into next year, it is fitting to thank our school family for their support throughout. It's been a good year with considerable growth and many changes, and we are expecting more of the same in 2024.

Back to school for us is Wednesday 31st January, rapidly followed in February by Waitangi Day on Tuesday the 6th, Sports Academy starting on Wednesday the 8th, the Road Patrol Training Refresher on Thursday the 9th and Parent Connect on Tuesday 20th, followed by  much much more. To keep right up to date Click/tap here to view the MCS Activities and Events Calendar 

All uniform items except sandals are available from the uniform shop which will be open between 10;00AM and 2;00PM on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th January.

Sandals must be black and can be either Roman or any other suitable sandal, but not fashion sandals please.

Matamata Christian School is proud to announce the return of their 4 1/2 year old programme to help children prepare for school. Each Thursday between 8:50 - 10:50AM we are running a programme to include future school students in our Junior class.

Children will transition and begin to develop an understanding of:

  • What the difference is between school and pre-school

  • What learning looks like

  • What happens at school when we are learning

  • establishing routines

  • how to make new friends

We have an amazing Junior class featuring a teacher and a teacher aide during the morning times.

This programme is limited to just 8 students at a time and runs until your child turns 5 and is off to school.

Please note, a parent of caregiver must be onsite for any child under the age of five at these sessions. If you are new to MCS and interested, please click/tap here to complete the Pre Enrolment Process or contact the school office on 07 888 5444 during school office hours.


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