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Notice of election and call for nominations

Advance notice of AGM

The Peria Christian Education Inc annual Proprietor Board election is under way.

Being a Proprietor Board Trustee is an important role that needs people with a range of skills and experiences, to oversee the provision and major maintenance of the school property, and to monitor the delivery of the school’s Special Christian Character.  This is an exciting role, and you are asked to consider who, including yourself, should become part of this team, which is at the heart of the school.

Nominations are being called to fill five vacancies on the Board. and close at 3.00pm on Tuesday 21st May 2024. Nominations must be submitted on the online form available here on the Matamata Christian School websiteOnly members of PCE may nominate, be nominated or vote. The PCE roll has closed and a list of current members is available in the school office. The supplementary roll will close at 3.00pm, Tuesday 21st May 2024.

Should a vote be required, it will take place at the Peria Christian Education Inc AGM to be held at Matamata Christian School on Tuesday 11th June 2024 following dinner.

As the owners of the school property (and integration partners with the Crown), Peria Christian Education Inc (PCE) is responsible for the provision and upkeep of the MCS property.  The PCE Proprietor Board, elected from PCE members, is one of the two governing bodies of the school, the other being the School Board.

For your information the number of Board Trustees is presently set at between eight to ten, and present trustees are: Kobus Englebrecht (Chairman), Warren Storey, Sarah Smith, Stephen Ram, Christine Anderton and Spence Reichardt.

Click/tap here for more information about Governance and the school boards.

Click/tap here to nominate, co-nominate or accept nomination.


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