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Help us to find a new name for the Matamata Christian School Association

What you need to know

At the Association AGM in May it was announced that your Proprietor Board was considering changing the name of Matamata Christian School Association Inc and we assured you that a name change for the Matamata Christian School itself was not under consideration.

We are moving forward with this and we are asking for your feedback, especially if you have thought of “just the right name”.

There are a few legal matters to be aware of. Firstly, the only word that must be included is “Incorporated”, and the name must end with this word, secondly it cannot be identical or very similar to the name of another body corporate and thirdly it cannot include certain words, for instance ANZAC. You can use Google or click here to check your name suggestion. Choosing a name.

Here are some suggestions regarding a name to get those creative juices flowing.

Presently our name includes the word “Association” to describe a group of people. We are now a group of entities as well as people, so is this the best word or is there another more suitable, for instance group and network?

Also included is the word “Christian”, which makes our Christian character obvious, but are there other Christian related words, for instance disciple, discipleship, Bethlehem and Kings Way.

The word “School” describes us as educationalists, but we are now more than a school, so what other words would be more suitable?

 How about making up a new word by combining two, for instance Edunet and Edugroup.

Feel free to feedback individual words as well as whole names, as others may be prompted by what you contribute. Please revisit this page regularly to submit new ideas and check out any suggested names below.

Guidelines and feedback

As a general guideline we think that the name should be

ASPIRATIONAL: It will provide us with a higher goal to work towards.

INSPIRATIONAL: It will encourage us to diligently apply ourselves, striving for betterment.

BIBLICALLY FOCUSED: It will openly reflect our Christian Character.

NOT LIMITING (for instance not limited to Matamata or schools)

Relatively SHORT and PUNCHY

Remember that the name must end with the word "Incorporated"

Please give us your feedback and name suggestions on the form below.

Thank you for your feedback. Your message Sent.

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Please see suggested names below

Suggested names.

Peria Educare Incorporated

Perian Educare Incorporated

The story behind the name.

Choosing the name “Peria” or “Perian” would give something to aspire to, and at the same time honour the work that God did 150 years ago in the mid 1800's among Maori people, especially children, both educationally and spiritually, through a man name Wiremu Tamehana.

Wiremu Tamihana Tarapipipi Te Waharoa, generaly known as Wiremu Tamehana or William Thompson, named a Pa that he had established just south of Matamata Peria, after the town of Berea mentioned in the Bible in the book of Acts 17:10-11.

The people of Berea, or Bereans, were notable for receiving God’s word with great eagerness and examining the Scriptures daily to check that what they were hearing was true. For this reason the writer of Acts called them “noble minded”.

Amongst other things, Peria was famous for a school and boarding house for up to 100 boys and girls where reading, writing and arithmetic was taught to a high standard and where Christian principles and Bible studies were embraced and put into practice.

Our educational group’s purpose is to support parents both educationally and spiritually in the growth of their children. It would be good to think that in a similar way to the Bereans, our children as “Perians” would aspire to becoming noble minded studiers of Scripture.


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