07 888 5444 - or Mobile 027 361 7004 School hours only


Principal: Alistair Paterson
Deputy Principal: Michele Lee
Mrs Michele Lee
Miss Emma Neilson
Mrs Maria Persson

Teacher Aides:
Mrs Sarah Thurlow
School Secretary: Mrs Trish Reichardt
Uniforms: Mrs Trish Reichardt

Board of Trustees

Mr Les Steed-Conway (Parent Rep) - Chair
Mrs Tracey Kingston (Parent Rep)
Mrs Catherine Scelly (Parent Rep)
Mrs Paula Greenhill (Parent Rep) - Deputy Chair
Mr Spence Reichardt (Assoc Rep)
Principal: Mr Alistair Paterson
Teacher Representative: Mrs Michele Lee
Board Secretary: Mrs Paula Greenhill

Proprietor Board

Mr Spence Reichardt (Chairman)
Mrs Natasha Strauss (Secretary)
Mr Peter Greenhill
Mr Phil Kingston
Mrs Mirella McKoy
Mr Warren Storey


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