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Introducing The Matamata Christian School Association

Originally established in 1988 as a private school named Rainbow Park Christian School, the school started with 11 pupils and a teacher meeting in a basement of a home on Tower Road in Matamata.

Four years later the need for a permanent location led to the present site at 91a Smith Street – purchased for $50.000. December 1991 saw the two classrooms that had been constructed on the previous site shifted on site, and a new beginning with a new name, Matamata Christian School.

In 1997 with a static roll of 30 to 35, in order to allow Christian Schooling at a more affordable cost, the possibility of State integration was pursued, and the process was completed in 1998.

Through this integration process, the Matamata Christian School Association, as the owners and proprietors of the school property, became the integration partners with the Crown and the guardians of the schools Special Christian character.

The functions of the Association are carried out by the Matamata Christian School Association Executive, a committee elected from the members of the Association.

State integration requires the school to teach the national curriculum. This function is the responsibility of the schools Board of Trustees which is elected tri-annually from amongst the school community.

Alongside this, the school is also contractually required to evidence it's special Christian character throughout all that it does. A requirement with which it is happy to oblige.

At Matamata Christian School We Believe

That as the divinely inspired, inerrant word of God, the Bible is the absolute rule of all faith and conduct, and therefore also for the education of our Children.

That a child's education is the responsibility of their parents. This is a God–given privilege with which the school will happily partner and assist.

That God should be honoured in all that we do. This includes prayer, study of the Bible and teaching all subjects in the light of God's revelation in Jesus Christ.

That all things have been created and are sustained through the hand, power and care of God.

That it is only through the blessings of the Holy Spirit that our children may come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord, and this is our prayer for each of them.

Friend of Matamata Christian School Registration Form

As a Friend of the School, you will periodically receive newsletters and information about the activities of the school and be asked to pray for it's staff and pupils regularly.

If you have a spouse or partner living at this address who would like to also be a Friend of the School, enter their name here.

Have you considered becoming a MCS Association member? See below to view eligibility criteria and the additional benefits that you will enjoy as a friend and member. Membership is free and you can resign at any time.
MCS Association membership eligibility criteria:
Membership is open to persons over 18 years of age who:
  • Are regular attendees of a mainline Christian Church
  • Indicate clearly their acceptance of Christ personally as their Saviour and Lord
  • Are leading lives compatible with Christian principles
  • Accept the principles of the Constitution of the Matamata Christian School Association
View or download Constitution below.

Friend and Association Membership Benefits and Responsibilities

As a Friend of Matamata Christian School you will join our group of moral owners and you will:
  • Be asked to regularly pray for the school, it's pupils and staff.
  • Be ambassadors for the school to the wider community.
  • Receive periodically, newsletters and information about the school and it's activities.
You may wish to become a member of the Matamata Christian School Association which is the legal owner of the school and is responsible for the provision and upkeep of the property the school enjoys.
As such you will also become a moral owner and in addition to the above you will:
  • Represent those who originally responded to the call from God to establish Matamata Christian School.
  • Help to ensure the enduring preservation of the school's core values and purpose.
  • Hold the Association Executive accountable for good governance of the school.
  • Help to ensure the ongoing life and vitality of the Association by attracting other like minded people to become members.
  • Be the “guardian“ of the school's special Christian character.

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